Preview your Bridal Look  

Makeup + HAir   trial run $250


Our studio is moving and we are between locations currently. The trial run will be scheduled at your location if you are local.

Please provide the address for the artist to arrive at during the reservation process. We do have an alternative studio space if need be for out of town brides. 

Astrid Photography 

Astrid Photography 


The Trial Run includes:

A consultation to discuss bridal vision, hair style, hair length, makeup preferences, and options

The creation of desired hair and/or makeup look usually based on photo inspiration

Every trial run includes optional airbrush makeup and a selection of lash choices

Photos of the finished hair & makeup look 


Trial Run Rates

Makeup + Hair Trial $250

Makeup Trial $150

Hair Trial $150

Inquire about Discount on Multiple Trials

Frequently Asked Questions:

When do I schedule my trial run?

We recommend scheduling the trial 8 weeks from the time of the event. You can schedule it at any time based on Artist availability. Each Artist on the team has a different schedule so options may vary. Please let us know when you are available and we will work with your schedule to the best of our ability. Saturday Trials during peak wedding season are usually very limited. We also recommend not scheduling the trial for an engagement shoot. The trial run is a time to explore what you feel most comfortable in for the wedding. Usually the wedding makeup is created for a day to night transition and the photo shoot makeup is lighter for outdoor daytime looks. 

Should I schedule the trial run before I sign the contract?

It is completely up to you and your preference. About 70% of Brides reserve the date 6-8 months in advance and do the trial run 6-8 weeks out from the event. If you decide to do the trial run before the contract you will be sent an invoice for the trial fee. When you move forward with the contact reservation, $175 of the makeup and hair trial fee (or $90 for hair or makeup) will be deducted from the proposal. If you decide to contract before the trial run, multiple trial runs may be an option for you to find your perfect fit. 


If you are unsure of the amount of people in your group, you may want to reserve the bronze package and then upgrade the package 60 days before your wedding date with the final count.

View Bronze Package Info


What if I do not feel the way that I want to feel after the trial run?

We completely understand how subjective beauty is! During the booking process please send us photos of the style you are interested in and we will match you up with an artist that will closely match your esthetic. If for any reason you decide this particular artist is not the right fit, you can schedule additional trial runs at a discounted rate. The 2nd trial rate for hair and makeup is $175 and hair or makeup is $100. 

We have many clients who change their hair several times through out the day. We know you want to feel amazing. 

Something important to remember during the trial run process is that hair does not always look the same from Pinterest to real life. The hair is different, extensions are usually used. The Artist has a unique esthetic and vision than the Pinterest Artist. We recommend having a few similar options in mind as a starting point and being open to suggestions based on the variables at hand. 

Please feel comfortable telling the artist what changes you would like to see so that they can adjust during the trial run. It is very common to test out one or two similar styles at the trial run. Often multiple trial run experiences will give you a good idea to test out what you really like.


Here are a few examples of adjustments for the event day after the trial run

  • Less / more eyeliner on the day of
  • The front of my hair loose and more bang sweep
  • A few pieces fell out and I may need a few more bobbi pins
  • I prefer brown eyeliner rather than black
  • Brighter or lighter lip options


Please reach out with any questions that you may have.

We are looking forward to working with you.