Natural Bride

Natural Makeup for your Wedding

If you are reading this blog you may be interested in the flawless natural look which our team is known for in the Washington DC area. 

Natural makeup look for 8 hour wear

Things to think about:

Photographers all have a different style, the way the makeup photographs is often effected by the lighting, time of day and scenery that surrounds you. 

The term natural makeup is easily interpreted differently between the client and the artist.

This photo is form a recent engagement shoot. The bride asked for a natural look that will photograph to make her features pop. Note that the skin looks fresh and natural. The eyebrows, cheeks and lips are light. The eyes pop out as the main feature with a thinnish brown line surrounding the eye. Bronzer was used to create some dimension on the face. 

Tips to make sure you feel comfortable with the makeup:

  • bring a photo of yourself that you love
  • wear the makeup for at least 4 hours to see how it settles
  • communicate your likes and dislikes to the artist before the makeup starts
  • bring the makeup you feel comfortable wearing to show the artist

The makeup artist may have different suggestions for you based on how the camera will pick up your skin tones and etc.. If you use tinted moisturizer and chapstick on a daily basis this can be vital information to ensuring your comfort level for the application.

Freed Photography 

Standard Products used for Natural Makeup

Hydration for Face & Eye Area

Concealer (possibly a little more than daily wear)

Corrective concealer if needed (dark circles or pigmentation usually)

HD Photo foundation - water resistant with buildable coverage

Photo grade makeup setting powder

Blush - two shades blended skillfully to enhance bone structure

2 shades of neutral toned shadow, bronzes and browns are popular

Lightly smudged eyeliner and a few coats of waterproof mascara

Individual lashes on the corner of the eye

Waterproof Lipliner and Gloss