Natural Makeup for your Wedding

If you are reading this blog you may be interested in the flawless natural look which our team is known for in the Washington DC area. 

Natural makeup look for 8 hour wear

Things to think about:

Photographers all have a different style, the way the makeup photographs is often effected by the lighting, time of day and scenery that surrounds you. 

The term natural makeup is easily interpreted differently between the client and the artist.

This photo is form a recent engagement shoot. The bride asked for a natural look that will photograph to make her features pop. Note that the skin looks fresh and natural. The eyebrows, cheeks and lips are light. The eyes pop out as the main feature with a thinnish brown line surrounding the eye. Bronzer was used to create some dimension on the face. 

Tips to make sure you feel comfortable with the makeup:

  • bring a photo of yourself that you love
  • wear the makeup for at least 4 hours to see how it settles
  • communicate your likes and dislikes to the artist before the makeup starts
  • bring the makeup you feel comfortable wearing to show the artist

The makeup artist may have different suggestions for you based on how the camera will pick up your skin tones and etc.. If you use tinted moisturizer and chapstick on a daily basis this can be vital information to ensuring your comfort level for the application.

Freed Photography 

Standard Products used for Natural Makeup

Hydration for Face & Eye Area

Concealer (possibly a little more than daily wear)

Corrective concealer if needed (dark circles or pigmentation usually)

HD Photo foundation - water resistant with buildable coverage

Photo grade makeup setting powder

Blush - two shades blended skillfully to enhance bone structure

2 shades of neutral toned shadow, bronzes and browns are popular

Lightly smudged eyeliner and a few coats of waterproof mascara

Individual lashes on the corner of the eye

Waterproof Lipliner and Gloss


Nashville Bachelorette Party Recommendations

A perfect blend of relaxation, shopping, amazing food and party!

Nashville welcomed us with open arms, a group of girls that didn't know each other very well, stayed in a luxury Air B and B. Here are a few gems of the city to check out! We ate amazing organic food, shopped at the cutest independent stores, and danced until 2am at the honky tonk bars. The scene is welcoming and more affordable compared to most other group events.


House with 7 Bedrooms in the heart of the city / $300 per Night 

Itinerary Ideas

Note: Uber from Nashville Airport to the city is less $10


Friday Night:

Settle into Air B + B

Dinner, Drinks and Live Music at the City Winery 


Saturday DayTime:

Shopping, Yoga & Spa

12th South is a youthful, trendyarea brimming with unique boutiques, gourmet restaurants, vintage shops, and coffee houses. You could easily spend 6-8 hours in this little area with your girls. There is something for everyone.

Vintage Shopping

Savant Vintage  





Coffee & Light Lunch

Frothy Monkey

Juice Bar

Franklin Juice Company 


Taqueria del Sol

Embers Ski Lodge



Liberation Yoga 



Saturday Night

Live Music & Drinks - Heart of Nashville

Blue Bird Cafe

Tootsie's Orchid Lounge

Wild Horse Saloon






If you end up having your bachelorette party in Nashville, drop us a line and let us know how you enjoyed it. Congratulations on your special day. 

The Exfoliation Solution

When you see little flakes on your skin its so tempting to grab the nearest scrub and watch them disappear. Often to find that they are back the next day and possibly even worse. Each skin type has a specific need to keep it in its balanced state. Too much exfoliation will create more dryness.

Makeup Only Looks As Good As the Skin Underneath 

Flakes + Dryness = Dehydration

Makeup and Hair by Carolyn Laura + Photo by Anthony Poff    



Additional Skin Care Recommendations 

The owner of Modern Bridal Studio, Carolyn Laura is a master esthetician and skincare educator. She has taught the skincare curriculum for Aveda for 4 years and maintained a position as medical esthetician for 5 years. She is a believer in all natural ingredients and a company that cares what they put in their products. Taking care of your skin properly will make the event day makeup look better and even stay in place longer. The dead skin on the surface can tend to collect makeup, making it appear heavier.


Here are some of her favorites exfoliators from the Beauty Counter line with links to buy:

Note: oily skin 2-3 times a week, normal skin 1-2 times a week is best.




Great for all skin types, 100% natural ingredients, use as a mini peel 2-3 times a week, best used with rejuvenating serum for anti aging and hydrating effect.  

Buy This


Use daily for softening fine lines, hydration and a gentle skin smoothing effect for your skin. This to me, is the organic version of La Mer's signature serum. The subtle brightening effect will start to become visible within just a few days. 

Buy This

Cream exfoliator is best used on dry skin 2-3 times a week before you mask. This is a gentle formula made with coconut oil and jojoba beads for the bride concerned with only using the healthiest ingredients on her skin. 

Buy This 


Holiday Glam - Hair Tutorial

Here is a simple photo tutorial to achieve an elegant and simple holiday hair look. 

Twist two sections of hair away from the face loosely from root to end. 

While twisting the hair, reserve the stand when twisting if you would like a tighter look

Repeat this with a few sections and pin to the opposite side on black of the head

Repeat on the opposite side. Pin for an organic effect

Continue to pull pieces from the lower area near the ear, twist and pin.  

Continue to pin the bottom pieces into the style. Directing the hair to the middle of the head and changing up the pattern to get a unique glam look. Spray any loose hairs into place with a finishing spray. 

Product Pick for Glowing Skin

Favorites for A Sheer Look   

While makeup looks as good as the skin underneath, we can certainly do a few things to create the look you desire.  I want to share a few of my favorite ways to enhance your skins natural radiance with the help of a few amazing tips and products. Hydration plumps up the skin and when hydrated fine lines appear less noticeable, dark circles decrease by half, and the makeup actually sits on the skin way better. 

  • Use a hydrating mask before your big event or photo appearance to increase hydration levels 100% in around 10 minutes. You will see and feel a noticeable difference! There are many options out there. We adore this one for the luxury Bride. 


  • Use a rose or lavender water spray after the mask. This will help to lock in some of the hydration and will also create a sense of relaxation with the aromatherapy in the mist. Fresh is a product with integrity! This is a great refresher for that afternoon lull. 


  • Finalize the hydration with a face oil. Drop a few drops onto your fingertips and rub together creating some warmth. Press and tap the oil into your skin. This oil is great for all skin types and is not just limited to dry skin types. The oil absorbs quickly into the skin. 


  • After the hydration add a little bit of a sheer glow product to your fingertips and press into the high points of your face. Remember the tops of the cheeks, above the eyebrow and around the corners of the mouth. A little bit goes a long way. 

  • Add a sheer layer of foundation with a slightly damp beauty blender. The damper your beauty blender is the more sheer the foundation look will be. Use the blender to press into the skin. 


  • Finish with the look with a sheer layer of a lightweight translucent powder, applied to the t-zone. Use a powder brush to add a light dusting to the face. This will set the makeup and help it to last even longer. 

Airbrush 101

Airbrush is an amazing tool in a professional makeup artist’s kit. The technique is a patented makeup application technique that utilizes compressed air through an airbrush and applies tiny drops of color to the face. It is so sought after is because of its seamless ability to cover up any imperfection. It is said to tickle a little bit when it is applied. The makeup feels lightweight on the skin regardless of the amount of coverage chosen.

You can select the coverage to be light similar to a tinted moisturizer or more coverage to diminish scars, redness, pigmentation and acne. It is usually waterproof and lasts all day. If you have tattoos that you would like to conceal for the big day, this will not leave a residue on your dress once it is dry. Airbrush makeup can be beautifully applied to women of all ages and skin conditions.

Bonus - Airbrush is included with the Bridal Makeup

Image by Sam Hurd

Choosing a Wedding Hairstyle

Carolyn Laura, owner of Modern Bridal Studio, is filled with oodles of beauty talent. She is stopping in today to offer us Tips on How to Choose the Right Wedding Hair Style! 


The right hairstyle does so much to pull an outfit together. Choosing the look that is perfect for your special day becomes easier with these suggestions from our bridal team. Bridal hair should compliment the gown and not compete with it. Your hair should reflect the formality of the dress for a special event. You will also want to consider the season, weather and the time of day that you will be getting married. This will account for how your hair will hold up under the conditions.


Decisions: Hair up or Hair Down?

Consider This:

  • Does your hair hold a curl?
  • Do you have enough hair for the look your want?
  • Are Hair Extensions an option?
  • Are you wearing a Veil?
  • Will you be able to remove it?
  • How will your hair look after you remove the veil?

Styles and Recommendations

  • Chic or Modern Chignon or a Bouncy Blow Out
  • Garden or Winery  Soft curls down or Tousled Braided Looks
  • Black Tie Vintage Down Style or Classic pulled up and away from your face with Volume

Featured on Style Me Pretty 

Hair Challenges and Solutions

  • Bare Forehead try side swept bangs
  • Ultra Thin Hair teasing powder works to plump each strand for lasting volume
  • Profile face framing pieces down and your hair styled closer to your face
  • Volume is Not Your Thing a low bun with braids is flattering


The Consultation

Always share your preferences with your stylist, especially your likes and dislikes from past experiences. Feel free to bring a photo of when you felt you looked your best! If you want to change something please let us know. We really want you to be happy and feel your best. While your mom or maid of honor’s opinion is helpful to you, ultimately we want to know how you feel during your trial.

If you are wearing your hair down curled or in an up style it will hold best when one day dirty. Blow dry hair thoroughly the night before with mousse to create a texture in the hair that helps hold the curl.

Be open and honest with the stylist during the consultation.  

Word to use to Communicate with your Stylist during the Trial Run

  • Romantic Style Loose curls down or softly pulled up
  • Polished No fly aways, usually more of a sleek look
  • Structured Symmetrical, the style has a definite shape with all loose pieces tucked in
  • Chignon  Knot Style updo at the base of the neck
  • Loose & Ethereal Messier look, pulled back optional braids or twists

Nessa K Photography