Sam Hurd

Airbrush 101

Airbrush is an amazing tool in a professional makeup artist’s kit. The technique is a patented makeup application technique that utilizes compressed air through an airbrush and applies tiny drops of color to the face. It is so sought after is because of its seamless ability to cover up any imperfection. It is said to tickle a little bit when it is applied. The makeup feels lightweight on the skin regardless of the amount of coverage chosen.

You can select the coverage to be light similar to a tinted moisturizer or more coverage to diminish scars, redness, pigmentation and acne. It is usually waterproof and lasts all day. If you have tattoos that you would like to conceal for the big day, this will not leave a residue on your dress once it is dry. Airbrush makeup can be beautifully applied to women of all ages and skin conditions.

Bonus - Airbrush is included with the Bridal Makeup

Image by Sam Hurd